AP Physics 1

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Topics covered in this course:

1. Kinematics

a. Kinematics in one-dimension: constant velocity and uniform accelerated motion

b. Vectors: Vector components and results

c. Kinematics in two-dimensions: projectile motion

2. Dynamics

a. Newton’s Laws of Motion

b. Friction

c. Interacting Objects: ropes and pulleys

3. Circular Motion and Gravitation

a. Uniform Circular Motion

b.  Law of Universal Gravitation

4. Energy

a. Work

b. Energy

c. Conservation of Energy

d. Power

5. Momentum

a. Impulse and Momentum

b. The Law of Conservation of Momentum

6. Simple Harmonic Motion

a. Simple Pendulums

b. Mass-Spring Oscillators

7. Rotation

a. Rotational Kinematics

b. Torque and Rotational Dynamics

c. Rotational Energy

d.  Angular Momentum

e. Conservation of Angular Momentum

8. Electrostatics

a. Electric Charge

b. The Law of Conservation of Electric Charge

c. Electrostatic Forces

9. Circuits

a. Ohm’s Law

b. Kirchoff’s Laws

c. Simple DC Circuits

10. Waves and Sound

a. Mechanical Waves and Sound

b. Principle of Linear Superposition and Interference